Monday, November 10, 2008

My apologies....

smash the sexy...
Hmmmm. we call it ....butu
Dont forget to breathe and blink.
I think the guy thats getting this is 7 feet tall!
sorta thizz. sorta sad.....chinese thizz!
hi man!
trail mix monster!!!

    Hello, from the top of meridian and san carlos.
Just want to first of all thank you for all the support and thank you for choosing us to tattoo you and to entrust us in marking your canvas. Sorry for never picking up the phone or the call backs that were never done. We all recognize without the customer we would be nothing, Thank you once again. Take care. Peace. I will be announcing the art show we will be having, We will be selling Tees , prints, and art. We wll have a raffle for art give aways and much more. We also have gift certificates for the holiday season. Mahalos and maraming salamat. thanks to you all. peace and blessings, 

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