Monday, August 25, 2008

Guest artist

Bong Padilla from tattoo krew Hawaii is going to
be guest spotting here at HB. for three weeks.
pls come in or call and leave your number. or you can reach him at

Sunday, August 17, 2008


off to bali (indonesia) for the honeymoon.then off to europe. london, italy, and spain. tattoo and soak in alot of culture. time for meditation and rejuvenation, i will post the pics of the trip, more inspiration for the masses. blessings and strength.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


 waves of patience and winds of change....this is what i need. time to change things
up a bit. ive been tattooing too much and i am to the point of burning out the torch i have
for south pacific tribal tattooing.i feel like i am giving to much of my soul and i am not getting fed
or nourished by inspiration.
  i need to balance myself and i am not doing that.
 thanks to my blood brother in tattooing for checking me and making me realize that i have to get
grounded and rooted again. 
 sorry to all my appointments but i will be moving most of you to a later day.
new appointments... i might be taking but not too sure yet.  it all depends on the 
scheduling i am doing. 
i need to regain my inspiration again, i might sound like i am over acting but if
i dont do this for myself and get centered again then i will be finding a new 
occupation, blessings and respect. orly