Thursday, January 28, 2010

Thank U Phillippine Islands

Photo by Michelle Wong Locquiao

photo by orly
My papa carding choppin up some calding, Goat...hope it dont flare up my gout!

Had fun here in the PI, it was heart warming and a breathe of fresh smog, lol. I think my lungs are filled
with the gases here. Visiting friends and family was the most important to me. Seeing my homeland and seeingmy people survive,hustle, nad make the best of what little they have. I seen Hundred Islands, Sabong, Cock fighting,  the carabaos my family owns and the land that they own that is filled with endless amounts of rice, mangos, and coconuts. My dads oldhouse that he grew up in and chilled with my papa carding. Fishing with an electric pole, for reals, lol and drinking with the elders, and my cousins. It was all worth it, to come home and be thankful.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Made it home...

wearing the wifes stunnas!


my lil friends, the real ferbeez, tarsiers...

trying to learn a bit of cebuano, visayan..

Buretz crew, boracay, thanks super sunburned while painting this, lol

super sweet nutwater, coconut jizzzuuuccee, yummy!

Here are some of the adventures i had so far, i will post
more soon, take care everyone, .....orly