Wednesday, August 13, 2008


 waves of patience and winds of change....this is what i need. time to change things
up a bit. ive been tattooing too much and i am to the point of burning out the torch i have
for south pacific tribal tattooing.i feel like i am giving to much of my soul and i am not getting fed
or nourished by inspiration.
  i need to balance myself and i am not doing that.
 thanks to my blood brother in tattooing for checking me and making me realize that i have to get
grounded and rooted again. 
 sorry to all my appointments but i will be moving most of you to a later day.
new appointments... i might be taking but not too sure yet.  it all depends on the 
scheduling i am doing. 
i need to regain my inspiration again, i might sound like i am over acting but if
i dont do this for myself and get centered again then i will be finding a new 
occupation, blessings and respect. orly

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