Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Holidayz

Get some custom one off vans or chucks for a gift for someone. Ask for Sefa, (JOJO)
Happy holidays to you and your families! HBcrew
We also have gift certificates for sale. 


Kyle said...

Howz it?
I like know how much the vans are.
Also if you guys know anything bout hawaiian/polynesian tattoos and the meanings behind some. Cause i like get one tattoo that resembles my life or part of it you know. If you guys can, you guys like let me know through email or here that'll be awesome.
my email is
Thanks Brah,

Anonymous said...

How much do these shoes go for? let me know.

Anonymous said...

Hey I was wondering if I can get Toby's email address? I never went in to show him my healed 3/4 sleeve he did for me. He wanted a picture so I want to send him a picture... Thanks..

Patrick said...
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Patrick said...

Are you guys still selling these sick ass kicks! If so what sizes do you guys carry and how much. Please email me

opupele said...

Aye much for vans? i like bye few pairs,jus let me know at
Thankz cuzz,

Tenisi_28 said...
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Tenisi_28 said...

Are you guys still making these shoes? Do they come in any other colors? Can the designs be put on other types of shoes? If so, how much are you guys selling them for and would I have to come in to get them or can I order through the phone? my email is