Monday, November 23, 2009

Suluape Aisea Toetu'u , Soul Signature Hawaii

One of the biggest reasons HB, is around is because of this great man.
Suluape Aisea Toetu'u, When I first was learning polynesian, south pacific, tribal and its meanings, the foundations, the life blood that holds it together...I was at the right side of Aisea. In New Tribal,  a tattoo shop in Waikiki, with Pooino Yrondi the owner known for tattoo Dwayne Johson the Rock, Lucky Olelo, Rustin, and later on Mike Ledger. Learning the essense of what I tattoo to this day.
Just want to say Malo Aupito Aisea, you bring
HB crew and Soul Signature to a brotherhood that binds us by blood.

Doing Pea's on JR and Steve in Vegas, Dancers for Cirque de Soleil , "O"

Port Lock, Hawaii Kai...Spitting Caves, Cukui season one photoshoot

 At Sandy's

Malo Aupito ...


Fokai Love said...

Good vibes for always staying humble and giving respect to the ones that have helped you become who you are today!

toby said...

Word!!! Aisea's influence transcends styles. I am truly lucky to have him make such an impact so early in my career. His wise words and spiritual views on tattoo will fallow me where ever my tattoo machines go. Malo Malo Aisea!

hawaiian1 said...

Aisea is a man of wise wisdom and only good wishes for anyone who he comes in contact with through knowledge experience and love for what he does and the sky is the limit for him.

Uncle Clay and his daughter Ka'alaokekai Kekumu