Tuesday, July 14, 2009

remember always ....

Tattoos are permanent.
They are a mark which is left by the artist onto you , the
client, friend, family...we put our soul into tattoos, most of us been
catering to our craft, long before tattooing even was in our sites.
Drawing late...late night missions, ...drawing illustrations we really dont like
to draw...but we do it for you, the individual that wants to
remember the moment of the past, present and future.
Its hard at times to cater to all of the masses that want a tattoo from us,
but you have to realize that its only one of us, tackling the masses.
So , all i ask from you ...is to be patient with us, we might not have the greatest of communication
skills, or the greatest in people skills , but we can offer a lifetime of
art that can not be taken away. Even if you laser it, cut it off, or burn it. You will
always be reminded of what was applied to you that day.
Thank you to all that support us, tattooing is sacred to most of us,
so please do not taint the art of tattooing with your bad vibes.

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